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Blu-Ray Review – When They Cry (Season 1)

My review for When They Cry Season 1 is up on ANN!

“Keiichi Maebara is a normal teenaged boy adjusting to his new life in the sleepy country town of Hinamizawa. Though he’s a newcomer to the reclusive and storied old village, he quickly finds himself befriended by a gaggle of local girls, all of them quite eager to welcome him into their group as a friend. Joined by the plucky Rena, the headstrong Mion, and the adorable young pair of Rika and Satoko, our protagonist finds himself enjoying a carefree, lackadaisical life. That all changes once he hears murmurs of the gruesome deaths that stain Hinamizawa’s past. As Keichi investigates the series of dismemberments and disappearances attributed to a curse laid on the town by its patron deity, he begins to get the feeling that he’s being followed. Before too long, Keichi is convinced that at least one of his new friends might be out for his blood. Or maybe they all are.”

To read the rest, hit the link below:

ANN Shelf Life – When They Cry: Season 1

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