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DVD Review – Kingdom (Season 1)

My review for Kingdom Season 1 is up on ANN!

Studio Pierrot‘s Kingdom is an adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara‘s manga of the same name, which has been running in Shonen Jump for the last decade. Following the lives of key figures from China’s Warring States period, Kingdom incorporates the broad strokes of documented history and blends them into a canvas of familiar, if well executed shonen tropes. In this way it almost feels like the anime equivalent of 300. It uses the flavor of ancient politics and warfare rooted in real history as a draw, without ever worrying about things like realism or accuracy bogging down the storytelling. Does Kingdom live up to the epic history it aspires to mythologize? Well, that depends.”

To see the rest, check out the link below!

ANN Shelf Life – Kingdom Season 1

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