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Blu-Ray Review – When They Cry KAI

A review for the When They Cry KAI  Blu-Ray release is up on ANN!

“When I reviewed the first season of When They Cry back in March, I was struck by how much I liked the show, given its rough first impressions. The animation and character designs were pretty ugly, and the story was presented in a rather unique way that nonetheless created some noticeable pacing and tonal issues.
Still, in spite of its problems, When They Cry season 1 managed to create an atmosphere of genuinely unsettling horror, one backed up by a compelling central mystery and an endearing cast. This month, Sentai is releasing When They Cry’s follow-up, When They Cry: Kai, for the first time in the West. Does this second entry in the Higurashi saga live up to the expectations set by the first?”

To see the rest, check out the link below!

ANN Shelf Life – When They Cry: Kai

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