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Blu-Ray Review – Keijo!!!!!!!!

“To determine whether or not to invest time and money in Keijo!!!!!!!!, you need only to ask yourself if you like:

  1. Exceedingly silly and completely over-the-top sports showdowns
  2. Animated boobs
  3. Animated butts

If you consider yourself a fan of all of the above, then rejoice, because Keijo!!!!!!!! has everything you’re looking for. This series delivers insane boob-jiggling and butt-bouncing action that is so mind-numbly stupid that it comes right back around to being tons of fun, albeit the kind that will make your loved ones ask some incredibly awkward questions if they happen to stumble into the room. Director Hideya Takahashi and the rest of the crew at Studio Xebec know that Daichi Sorayomi‘s source material could never in a million years be taken seriously, so instead they lean into the ridiculousness to produce a fun and memorable action series that wouldn’t know the word shame if it was tossed at them with incredible speed by a high-powered butt-cheek.”

You can find the rest of my review on on Anime News Network.

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