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Blu-Ray Review – Spirit of the Sun

A Spirit of The Sun is a two-part television special produced by Madhouse, which first aired in 2006. For the first forty minutes or so of its 2.5-hour runtime, it takes the form of a boilerplate disaster story, with Japan suffering from the fallout of a devastating set of earthquakes and the eruption of Mt. Fuji. Entire cities are drowned by the ocean, over half of Japan’s population is killed, and a neverending sky of ash and smoke chokes the life out of many lingering survivors. At the center of it all is Genichiro Ryu, a good-hearted and selfless young boy who finds himself without his family and without a way out of the disaster zone. That’s the first part of the story. The rest of the narrative takes a shocking number of twists and turns, and for A Spirit of The Sun, that’s both a good thing and a bad thing.”

You can read the rest of my review on Anime News Network!

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