Episodic Reviews

Made in Abyss – Episodes 1-13 [Complete]

Originally Aired: Summer 2017

I don’t want to say too much about Made in Abyss here, because I have some future content planned for exploring the series in much greater depth, but suffice it to say that Made in Abyss is one of the greatest anime I’ve ever seen. Kinema Citrus took Akihito Tsukushi‘s underground manga and essentially perfected it by ironing out the series more problematic elements as much as possible while commiting every ounce of skill and effort they had to gorgeously adapting the source material’s darkly beautiful vision.

Plus, Kevin Penkin’s score is one of the all time great OSTs, anime or otherwise.

You can find my original episodic reviews for Made in Abyss on Anime News Network.

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