Episodic Reviews

The Reflection – Episodes 1-12 [Complete]

Originally Aired: Summer 2017

The Reflection will likely be remembered as an interesting experiment, if nothing else. The show’s highly-Americanized take on superheroes, as well as it’s controversial cell-shaded and rotoscoped animation, are the result of Stan Lee’s BOOM! Studios and animation veteran (of The Flowers of Evil fame). It’s a neat idea that never fully gells together, mostly due to the story’s incredibly slow pacing combined with it’s generally broad and vague storytelling.

I enjoyed some parts of it, and was bored to tears by others, and though a second season was teased awhile back, the recent legal drama between Stan Lee and BOOM! Studios has me thinking that The Reflection won’t be making it’s grand reappearance any time soon.

You can find my episodic reviews of the series on Anime News Network.

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